About Us

Chill Pill Games is an independent game development studio located in the heart of an industrial paradise. We are a group of very talented and passionate developers, who make video games and game tools for fun.

Yes, you heard it right, for fun. This is the only currency we recognize!

(ignore the screams)

We thrive on diversity

Diversity is what makes Chill Pill Games tick! Whether you identify as a tall ornate building or an attack helicopter, we do not discriminate.

While these are not Chill Pill employees, they represent our forward-thinking values!

Happy employee is productive employee

What is really at the heart of Chill Pill Games is ensuring well-being of our employees. We SPOIL them DAILY with unique company perks.

Industrial-grade suicide nets

Luxurious meditation garden

Whether you are on a break from a 14-hour fun-crunch or simply want to visit our office on a weekend, our meditation garden will help you relax and realign your chakras.

You can sit on a box when not occupied.

Inspiring office atmosphere

We believe in the idea of a creative open-space work environment where our rockstars can thrive and build dreams!

An internal survey revealed that symmetrical arrangements of motivational posters do the magic!